Saturday, 16 November 2013


So this is going to be my First review of products so with the grayling season here i thought i would have a look at some specialist materials.
So i did some reasearch on the web and the forums and the same company kept poping up so my mind was made up was going to be my choice.
So I registered with troutline and pl;aced my first order which was proving to be a little bit of a nighmare everyitme i tried to check out it would'nt let me tried this a few times but it wasnt happening so i emailed troutline and waited for a reply.
Lucian was very quick to reply and deal with the problem and it turned out to be paypal that was the problem so lucian invoiced me direct and the order was placed on a tuesday afternoon.
I couldnt wait to get my hands on the materials and i thought i was goinhave tot a while but when i got home from work the following friday the package was there VERY impresive.

Didnt even walk the dog that night went straight into my mancave and had a little play around.
The product that lucian provides the customer a spot on good packaging which is what i like, also good quantitys 
I havent had chance to try all the materials but im getting to it and a full review of materials is under way here are just a few flies that i have made using products from lucian @ 
I would Highly recommend troutline and i will being using them alot in the very near future.
Lucian is also a very approchable person and very helpful 
 Trouline bug dub & peter's U.V ribbing quill
 Troutline bug dub & peter's U.V ribbing quill
 Troutline Hook c46bl #12 & latex sheet 
Troutline Peacock quill


Well its been a good month so far and i cant complain. Start of the month was god as fish the welsh still water trial to represent my country in the international stillwater competition.
They day started with a bang for me as the first peg i drew saw me land 4 fish in just as many cast so i was off to a good start 3 fell to a white humungus and the forth came to a bloodworm pattern that was given to me my fishing pal Dai Jones oneme fish and i would have caught my limit on the first peg.
Than the day gradually got worse and worse and the fishing dried up a little with very little fish being caught i couldnt wait for the half time interval.
The afternoon session sarted as i ended the first and blanked on the first two pegs. The next peg i was on was one of my boogie pegs and i really dont like to fish alot but i could see a few  fish feeding in the margins so i tied on one of my spider patterns that  have been catching me alot of fish lately and low on behold fir cast as the fly was dropping through the water a cracking brownie came and took it so my long wait had been worth it.
after i landed the fish and it was measured i could see that there were a few rainbows hanging around so i targeted a few but there was no interest so i chucked the line out to reel in as as the fly hit the water BANG some dull rainbow took it.
Landed the fish measured it and the klaxon sounded to move pegs so on to the last peg and i was getting a little nervous at this time. The Marshall that was controlling that peg was a chap called Malcolm  Edwards
great guy and a few words of wisdom and i was off BUT no fish on the peg.NERVOUS
So we all handed or score cards in and waited for the results. Hywel Morgan read out the results and I could not believe it when he called out my name first as i didnt expect to get in to the team let alone Win the trial so as you can imagine i was over the moon
Here is a photo of the New 2014 WELSH INTERNATIONAL BANK TEAM and a photo of the fly that saved the day.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

October Post

Well I have been very busy lately this is why there havent been many post so for that i apologise.
Work has been very busy with it being catalouge time and development time and Tackle & Guns.
How i manged to fit it all in to one month i do not know but, I have still found time to tie flies and get out most weekends fishing (theres always time for that).
With it being grayling time i cant wait to get out on the river just hope that the weather holds of and we can get some fsihing in.
Well this is just going to be a short post but i hope to keep up with my blog through the coming winter months and i have some very interesting things lined up to put on my blog so please keep checking anjd stay tuned.
Here are a couple of patterns that have caught me fish right through the summer months when the going got tough and a few other patterns that you may be interested in.
I hope that you like and and feed back would be much appreicated.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Garnffrwd sheild final 2013

Well last sunday saw the end of the Garnffrwd sheild come to and end and it was very close at the top.There were just a few points in it. Running up to the comp i have to say that the fishing hs been very tough and challenging to even the accomplished angler i put this down t the weather we have had over the last few months.
After our stay at Garnffrwdd the weekend before last which i have to say was an absolute briliant weekend and we cant wait to do it again soon we thought that we were in for a tough days fishing but as the week progressed the fishery was getting better by the day.
So sunday in the car me and dai jones were very pumped up and talked tactics and flies all the way to the fishery. So first things first was a bacon bap form the cafe which as always was awsome picked our pes then set up our tackle.
Im not going to give you a low down on every peg as this would bore you but what i can tell you is the pegs i had in the morning fished really well i landed a few and dropped a few aswell which was a good start for me as i was in second place overall on 18 points and had to do my everything i could to clinche that 1st place.
I fished my sock of all day and was rewarded as by the end of the day i had 6 rainbows and 2 brownies under my belt but due to chris who was joint 1st with dai on 24 points catching to late fish he managed to keep me from clinching that 1st place. Unfortunately dai only manged 3 rainbows and  it was enough to keep me from taking second place.
The most productive fly for me on the day was a black spider with small pearl bead for a little weight i landed 2 rainbow and 2 browns on that fly and leading up to the comp this fly is what i have caught all my fish on bar one the other 3 where caught on a damsel pattern i will post picture of these flies.

the final results for the day where s follows

1st on the day and second overall Matthew Pate (me)
2nd on the day and first overall Chris Jones
no placing and third overall Dai Jones

Here are a few photos the the fishery owner James Miller took who i have also got to thank for giving us such a welcome i would recommend this place to anyone.
here are a few pictures taken by jamie from sundays comp

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The River Anton August 10th 2013

Im gona start by first of all thanking Elliot Penn for the expert advice and good company last weekend. Well what can I say other than last week was probally one of the best days fishing fishing I have had.
We arrived at the river around 9 o'clock and after we rounded up our things we head down to the fishing hut. to say I was a little excited was an understatement upon my first glimse of the river I could not believe how crystal clear the water was you could see every little stone on the river bed.
First things first get tackled up and get fishing I didn't care how hungry I was, all I could think about was getting that first fish in the net and then forgetting everything and just enjoying my day as thre are not many anglers who get the chance to fish a river like  this.
So I observed Elliot for a few minutes to see which was the best approach to this fine river. he fished the dry but there was not much happening on the top so we switched to the nymphs.
we worked our way very slowly up the river picking out fish and casting to them and working out what the where interested in. I then spotted as I though was a decent brown of around 1lb ish feeding on the nymphs so I tied on a little size 16 brown orange hothead bug and cast it in to the fishes path. On the first pass the fish showed interest in the nymph but did not take it. Second cast was perfect PLOP straight in front of him I could see the hot head trundling across the bottom then a puff of gills a white mouth and I lifted straight in to the fish then all hell broke lose.
To my amazement this fish was a lot bigger than I first thought and fought like a train. The fish had a good few runs and in the net he went.
That was a big tick in the box for me and now I could relax and enjoy the rest of the day I didn't care if I didn't catch another fish as this was enough in itself.  
This is the nymph that I caught the fish on
And this is the fish
As you can see I was chuffed to bits with this fish, and what me this fish more fun was as I was playing this fish Elliot had also hooked into a good fish almost seconds after I hooked mine smiles all round. 
The river Anton was a beautiful place and was packed with wildlife and rammed with fish it took me and Elliot about 3 and half hours to fish the first 50 yards of river and we had a third of a mile all to ourselves but we were in no rush as we had till dark. 
After a few more fish each (grayling) we then stopped for a bite to eat. After a snack and a long chat about everything  and  cup of tea we got back on to the river. We took up were we left off and slowly progressed up the river both of us hooking into a few more fish and both of us losing a few cracking brownies one of which was a lump all I remember as Elliot running down the river bank chasing this hooked up fish which then decided to go airbourne he had one more run then GONE after a compliment from me and a few swear words from mr penn I could see that he was gutted as this was a big fish.
We worked our way right to the end of the beat the top section after the weir was a lot more tougher than the bottom due to a lot more weed but we still had a few.
we the decided to have a cup of tea and a break there was only a few more hours left
The end was closing in and the evening rise was upon us. So a quick swap to the dry fly was on the cards I unfortunately did not manage to land a fish on the dry missed  few I wasn't quick enough but Elliot on the other hand landed a few grayling on the deadly K.j which is becoming lethal I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a dozen of the originals tied y the man himself. 
Elliot also landed a  few brownies on of which was an absolute stunner.
I got a little frustrated with the dry fly I missed a few fish after Elliot landed the fish including a grayling. So I switched back to the nymphs for the last hour and ended on a high.

I have to say it again but this was an experience I will never forget and also a big thank to Elliot for the great company. I can not wait to do this again hopefully Dai and Alan will come next time and experience what I did.
Well that is the end of this blog  I will try and post some pictures of the other flies that I caught on in my next post which I am going to try and do a step by step of the nymph that worked so well for me which I have none left as there areal up trees on the majestic River Anton.

Here are a few more photos taken on that fine day.



Thanks for reading this and comments are more than welcome.

Monday, 5 August 2013

This is what i have been doing for the last week

In reference to my last post it states that I haven't been out fishing for a number of weeks now, so what i've been doing is tying flies when everi get chance ready for the some river fishing. I said last year that I was going to do a lot more on the river but I never got around t it.
And then a friend of ours posted an advert on facebook readin 'spare rod going for the river test' well I jumped right in and put my name down.
So im fishing the river test on the 10th of august which is only a few days away. so what I did last week was order 3 fulling mil slim line boxes and set out at filling the up with flies the
1st will contain nymphs in all sizes 16 to 12
2nd will contain jig nymphs in sizes 16 to 10
and the 3rd will contain bugs and grubs 14 to 10

  I am new to all this river fishing so I have been doing my home and copying patterns and make stuff up you know how it goes, and I am happy with what I have done all I got to do now is catch fish which I dont think will be a problem as I am fishing with a very good angler who has fished this river before so I am in good hands .

Here are a couple of photos of the fly boxes that I have started to fill up and a couple of shots of single flies hope you like them


Well i finally done some fishing

Well I finally got out on the weekend and did some fishing, I have to say that it has been long over due haven't been out for a while.
Got picked up Saturday morning at half 7 and we headed to our first port of call. We decided to just have a few hours out of the house and not to travel far so we headed to Abernant trout fishery which is only 20 minutes drive from the house. We had a new member to the gang on saturaday he is a relatively new comer t fly fishing so abernant was an ideal place to head . I haven't been to this fishery for a number of years and I must say that I was shocked to see how much the lake has been clean up.
Alan was off to a flyting start first cast resulted in a fish to the net caught on a orange hot black zonker.
I dropped a couple of fish but finally managed to land one about half hour later on the faithful blue hackle damsel a fly that never fails where ever you are. Mad mike the new guy was struggling a little so Alan tied on a blue hackle damsel and was quickly followed by a fish to the net.
Now we had been here for a couple o hours and I was just playing around with fish over in the shallow parts of the lake seeing wot the were interested in I missed a few that came to the dry but that's another story.
By this time Alan had bagged up by this time so he suggested that we head to garnfrwdd t finish the day off which I was bang up for so we packed up and head up the M4.
When we arrived at garnfrwd first thing first bugger and chips had to be done chris serves lovely food at the café.
The lake itself is looking absolutely awesome but the fish are still recovering after this weather that we have had. we tackled up and head off for a spot of fishing. Now in my last blog The Diawl bach project I said that I was going to tie a number of  different variants and fish them, but that was short lived due to the weather. Although th two brownies that I landed both fell to the orange holographic tag diawl bach. after about 2hours fishing I went up to h café for a cold drink, and that was the end of my fishing ended up have a long chat to th fishery owner who has become a good friend to me and the lads. Cant wait for or weekend at ash lodge at garnfrwdd at the end of September .