Saturday, 16 November 2013


So this is going to be my First review of products so with the grayling season here i thought i would have a look at some specialist materials.
So i did some reasearch on the web and the forums and the same company kept poping up so my mind was made up was going to be my choice.
So I registered with troutline and pl;aced my first order which was proving to be a little bit of a nighmare everyitme i tried to check out it would'nt let me tried this a few times but it wasnt happening so i emailed troutline and waited for a reply.
Lucian was very quick to reply and deal with the problem and it turned out to be paypal that was the problem so lucian invoiced me direct and the order was placed on a tuesday afternoon.
I couldnt wait to get my hands on the materials and i thought i was goinhave tot a while but when i got home from work the following friday the package was there VERY impresive.

Didnt even walk the dog that night went straight into my mancave and had a little play around.
The product that lucian provides the customer a spot on good packaging which is what i like, also good quantitys 
I havent had chance to try all the materials but im getting to it and a full review of materials is under way here are just a few flies that i have made using products from lucian @ 
I would Highly recommend troutline and i will being using them alot in the very near future.
Lucian is also a very approchable person and very helpful 
 Trouline bug dub & peter's U.V ribbing quill
 Troutline bug dub & peter's U.V ribbing quill
 Troutline Hook c46bl #12 & latex sheet 
Troutline Peacock quill

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